♡about me♡

  • hi!! (ㅅ´ ˘ `)

    i'm vel, a super gay artist from a haunted holler in appalachia. 
    i love bright colors, good food, cartoons, and cute stuff.

    insert the cliché, "i've been drawing since i could hold a pencil," but art has always captivated me, especially when i'm inspired by the things that i love.
    ever since i attended my first anime convention in 2007, i've always wanted to travel and share my passions.

    i'm so lucky to have the support to help me achieve my dreams! thank you. ♡☆

  • artist vel smith sitting at their vendor booth at an anime convention.

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  • 🍭candy coven🍬

    i'm also the founder of the artist group candy coven. the other members are my gf paige and my bff zach ♡
    join us for conventions, festivals, live music, and more! ✨

    here's a list of our events!

    give us a shout if you'd like to see us at a show near you!